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Refugee kongress in Berlin on 10 June 2011

We will Break the Isolation from the Lagers! Self Liberation of the Oppressed

It is high time to abolish lagers and all racist laws against refugees and migrants. Every human being deserves the right to dignity and dream for a world not characterized by trauma and insecurity. The culture of lager in connection with all racist laws that offends the fundamental human rights to criminalize refugees, encourage arbitrary use of decree and state dimension of racial profiling has reached its abolition. Refugees are confined to specific area like prisoners and could only leave the district with permission that is often rejected at the discretion of the foreign officers. Furthermore, deportation, lager Isolation, movement restriction amongst many other scandalous forms of persecution has been the instrument of separating families and communities hence the inevitable need to protest colonial injustice. Much could be done to stop the institutional racism of lager to drastically reduce suicide and murder, trauma and psycho torture, sexual attacks on refugees. We demand Immediate closure of all Lagers in Germany, Decentralization of refugees in standard accommodation! Resistance to policies of forced isolation. Abolition of unjust controls and “Residenzpflicht” Stop the daily repression of refugeesEnd to violation of the basic rights to education and medical attention. (mehr…)